Get in the Loop: Your Circle for Hope Guide

Follow the tips below to maximize your social networking, team building, and fundraising efforts! Utilize tried and true Weekend standbys with new tools like the Facebook Application to amplify your impact and have the most successful Weekend experience possible! Working together, we will eliminate the threat of all women’s cancers!

 Social Networking      Team Building      Fundraising

First Things First
    Customize Your Personal Page 
    Did you know that participants who personalize their Personal Page and send emails through their Participant Centre raise an average of 22% more than those who don't? Share your story and upload an inspirational photo! Compel donors to contribute by explaining how women’s cancers have touched your life and the commitment of time and energy that you’re putting into preparing for your Weekend journey.

    Use Your Participant Centre and Send Your First Email 
    Take advantage of the amazing tools your Participant Centre offers! Import your email contacts, send customized sample letters, track your responses and thank your donors! Returning Walkers—remember to thank your 2010 donors and ask them to support you again!

    Fundraise Your First $500 in 30 Days 
    Jumpstart your fundraising by taking on our $500 in 30 Days Challenge! Follow our simple steps to reach mini-milestones, and watch the donation dollars come pouring in. Once the momentum gets going, there will be no stopping you! Download the 30-Day Challenge Guide.

    Start Earning Hope Fundraising Credits 
    Recruit new Walkers and reach key fundraising thresholds to earn $100 Hope Credits towards your fundraising goal!

Activate Your Social Network
    Add the Email Badge to Your Signature Line 
    Upload the Weekend Email Badge from your Participant Centre to the signature line of your personal and professional accounts. Not only will your contacts be able to track your fundraising progress, but they’ll be able to donate to you online with one easy click. Invite friends and family to attach your badge to their signatures as well with a simple prompt to “Support my daughter’s/sister’s/friend’s journey!”

    Facebooking Forward 
    If you’re not a member of Facebook yet, join! It’s proven to be an amazing Weekend tool—both for fundraising and team recruitment! Meet other Walkers in your area and check-out upcoming Weekend events by joining The Weekend Page on Facebook. Download the 2011 Facebook Application and start fundraising with your Facebook profile today! Use Status Updates to let others know about your Weekend goal and drive a whole new audience of potential donors to contribute.

    Download the iPhone Application 
    Enjoy the amenities of your Participant Centre in the palm of your hand! Use our new Weekend iPhone App to email donors, update your Personal Page, and track your fundraising. Download it for free from the App Store by searching “The Weekend” or clicking here.

Expand Your Circle
    Team Up! 
    Forming a team is a great way to multiply your impact! Send a quick email alerting friends, family, and co-workers that you’ve registered for The Weekend and invite them to join in your journey! So many people have been affected by women’s cancers and are just looking for an opportunity to support this cause. Together you’ll push each other further in your fundraising and training goals, and have a great time doing it. And don’t forget, you’ll earn $100 for each Walker you refer!**

    Host a Weekend Circle for Hope Party 
    A Circle for Hope Party is a great way to bring The Weekend to life for potential donors and teammates while at the same time showing how dedicated you are to the cause. First decide on the type, location, and date of your party--ideas might include a barbecue, casino night, dessert swap, or even afternoon coffee. At your party--inspire! Talk about your personal reasons for walking and about the incredible impact The Weekend will have for those battling women’s cancers. Show the orientation video (you can request to borrow a copy from your Weekend Coach or find it on our Weekend YouTube page). It shows the spirit of the event and provides important information about how contributions will be used to support those in need. After the presentation, invite friends to give from their heart or join your team! Encourage guests to enter their donation online using your personal computer.

    Bring The Weekend to Work 
    Get your workplace involved in your Weekend journey! Hang a graph charting your training and fundraising progress as well as donation and registration forms to encourage co-workers to contribute or join your team. Ask your company for a large corporate contribution or to match everything you raise. Will they sponsor a fundraising event? Will they publicize The Weekend in the company newsletter? If there are four other Walkers from work, will they donate to the corporate team? Use email or interoffice memos (get permission) to recruit new Walkers and donors.

    Become a Weekend Pacesetter 
    Weekend Pacesetters are extraordinary teams who go above and beyond to support the efforts of The Weekend in recruitment and fundraising and their hard work certainly does not go unnoticed. As a special thank you, The Weekend highlights the amazing efforts of these teams, both online and on-event! Learn more about Pacesetters.

    Company Donation Matching Programs 
    Does your company or employer match your donation fundraising efforts? Visit your Human Resources representative to find out if this is a possible fundraising opportunity for you. Many companies are eager to support their employees, as well as the community.

    Reach Out to Your Coaches 
    If you want to connect with other Walkers in your area or just need a few fundraising tips to get through a lull, the Weekend Coaches are just a quick call away! We’d also be happy to walk you through any of our new tech tools with simple instructions even the most novice of computer users can understand. These new tools have already proven to be extremely effective in recruiting and fundraising, so don’t be afraid!

 Download the printer-friendly list of the above Circle For Hope Guide.

If you need more help or have any questions, call our Weekend Coaches at .